Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Dumpster Rental Questions


Q: What are your payment methods?

A: We accept Visa, and Mastercard. You will be charged upon delivery of the dumpster. This is a flat fee; there is no added dump charge unless there are prohibited materials in the container or the container is over 10 tons, in which case you will incur a penalty charge.

Q: What size of dumpster should I get?

A: Please click the Container Sizes tab at the top of the page to determine which size is best for you. The dumpsters are the same length and width; the only difference is in height.
If you are planning on putting HEAVY MATERIALS (dirt, concrete, brick, etc.) in the dumpster, you are limited to purchasing a 20-yard container. The maximum weight CANNOT exceed 10 tons.

Q: What is allowed in the dumpster?

A: Most trash is allowed in the dumpster. As stated above, only 20-yard dumpsters can be filled with heavy materials (dirt, concrete, brick, etc.) and should not be overloaded.
If you want to fill the dumpster with brush, it has to be clean brush; nothing else can go in the dumpster with it, or it must all be on top and easily accessible.
You CANNOT put these items in the dumpster:
– Paint
– Tires
– Appliances
– Flammable, toxic, or other hazardous materials – Most of these items are not allowed. If you want to dispose of chemicals or other non-common items, please discuss that with us before ordering your dumpster.
If you put any prohibited materials in our dumpster or fill it over 10 tons, we will pass on any additional dump, disposal, or hazardous materials fees we incur, plus an additional 50% of that cost as a penalty.

Q: What is the best way to fill the dumpster?

A: We recommend that you pack the debris in the dumpster in a way that best reduces wasted space. You cannot fill the dumpster past the top of the dumpster. We are required by law to cover the dumpster with a tarp before transporting it; if we are unable to, we reserve the right to offload anything we cannot transport and leave it on your property, or the right to leave the dumpster altogether and charge a trip charge. We will always let you know if we run into any situations like this.

Q: Where can I put the dumpster?

A: The dumpster will be placed on your driveway unless we are otherwise instructed. We are required by law to place it at least 5 feet away from buildings and 5 feet away from the street. If you think the dumpster will not fit in your driveway and/or you want to place the dumpster across a sidewalk, on the street, or on other public property, you will need to obtain a permit from your city before we will place the dumpster. Please make sure the permit is clearly visible on the container once we have placed the container. If you are concerned that we might have difficulty fitting a dumpster on your property, please contact us before ordering a dumpster.
If you will not be on-site when we deliver the dumpster, please clearly mark with cones or plywood where you want it placed.

Q: When can I get the dumpster?

A: We have a 24-hour turnaround, so you need simply select the day you would like to have a container delivered when you check out. We will deliver it on your chosen day sometime between 7 AM and 5 PM. Same day service can occasionally be arranged for an extra fee.

Q: Do I need to be home for delivery or pickup?

A: You don’t need to be home for delivery or pickup, but if you would like, you can ask us to have a driver call when he is en route. If you will not be on-site when we deliver, please clearly mark where you want your dumpster placed by coning off an area or lying plywood down.
If we encounter any problems when trying to service your dumpster, we will attempt to contact you before leaving the site. We will not drop off the dumpster if the area is not clear of cars or other items, and we will not pick up the dumpster if it is filled over the top or if we notice prohibited materials in it.

Q: Will the dumpster mess up my driveway?

A: Our drivers are careful when placing dumpsters; however, you have the option of ordering driveway protection for an additional $50 when you complete an online order, or you can lay your own protection (e.g., plywood) down on your driveway – just be sure to tell us so our driver can place it on the protection.

Q: How long do I get to keep the dumpster?

A: We have a 7-day policy. When you order the dumpster, we will automatically set a pickup date for 7 days after the delivery date unless we are otherwise notified. However, you are welcome to call or email us if you end up needing a different date or service.
Dumpsters kept for longer than 7 days without being serviced will be charged an extra $20/day.

Q: Can I get a receipt?

A: Absolutely! If you order online, you will automatically be sent an order confirmation via email. If you purchase your dumpster over the phone, we can send you an invoice if you give us your email.

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