Your project plans are in place, and the countdown is on for your next large project.  But wait, have you accounted for the waste material that your project will surely produce?  There is a line in your project plan for dumpster rental, but what size of dumpster do you need?  If you’re not sure, you have come to the right place.  KC Dumpster is here to help you with all your dumpster needs.  Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes with a 30-yard dumpster being the most commonly rented and used for large projects.

There are a few things you will need to know before ordering your dumpster.

  • Waste materials that are prohibited – If your project includes removing waste such as paint, tires, appliances with freon, flammable, toxic, or other hazardous materials, these items cannot be put into a dumpster.  They require special disposal processes to ensure eco-friendly waste management practices are being used.
  • Don’t overfill your dumpster – Every dumpster has a weight limit based on size. Before you invest in a 30-yard dumpster, make sure you know the weight limit. It’s important to not overfill your dumpster.  If you go over the weight limit, additional charges may be applied.  
  • How long will you need a dumpster – It’s important to know how long you will need to keep a dumpster at your job site.  KC Dumpster can work out a schedule with you on drop off and pick-up times based on your needs.
  • What kind of debris will you be getting rid of – Because not all types of debris can be mixed, it is important to know what types of debris you will be getting rid of in your project.  Our staff is here to help and can work with you to make sure that all debris is accepted in the dumpster you are renting.  

Choosing the Right Size of Dumpster

When you choose a dumpster for your project it is important to remember that each dumpster has a maximum capacity.  For legal and safety reasons, you cannot overflow your rented dumpster.  This means that any waste over the fill line would not be accepted to haul off.  Because of the maximum capacity requirements, it is extremely important to have a good idea of the right size of dumpster you need for your project.   

You can find out more about the actual size of dumpster you need by visiting our website at or calling KC Dumpster Company to speak to one of our friendly associates.  We have dumpsters to fit every size project you can think of and are here to provide you guidance on eco-friendly waste management practices to help your project run smoothly.  

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Available Dumpster Sizes at KC Dumpster

If you’re looking for a 30-yard dumpster near me, visit KC Dumpster. KC Dumpster provides 3 different sizes of dumpsters for rental.  This includes 20-cubic yards, 30-cubic yards, and 40 cubic yards.  Below is a high-level breakdown of the types of projects each size of the dumpster is used for.  

20-Cubic Yard Dumpster

A 20-cubic yard dumpster holds approximately 6 pickup truck loads of waste material.  This size of the dumpster is great for cleanup projects or small home renovations.   A 20-cubic yard dumpster would be perfect for a roofing project!  It may look like it’s big enough for a large project however this dumpster is 20 feet X 8 feet X 3.5 feet.    

30-Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental

A 30-cubic yard dumpster can hold approximately 10 pickup truck loads of waste material. The dimensions of a 30-yard are  20 feet X 8 feet X 5.25 feet.  The added height of a 30-yard roll off dumpster makes it perfect for large construction projects such as full room additions, kitchen remodels, whole home cleanout projects, window projects, siding projects, and more.  Also, it is common to use a 30-yard dumpster for commercial remodeling projects and cleanout projects.

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40-Cubic Yard Dumpster

If you have a large commercial or construction project, the best size dumpster to use is a 40-cubic yard dumpster.  A 40-yard dumpster is 20 feet X 8 feet X 7 feet.  This size of the dumpster is most commonly used for long term projects with large amounts of waste materials such as full house remodels, large commercial construction projects, and building demolition projects.

After Your Dumpster Has Been Delivered

Once your dumpster has been delivered, it is a good idea to keep it covered, when not in use, with a tarp.  Keeping your dumpster covered will help keep out vermin and, if in a public space, deter people from using your rented dumpster to throw out their garbage.  Not to mention, a covered dumpster is less likely to take in water, which will increase the weight of the debris.  It’s important to note that overage charges may apply to overweight loads. 

Keeping Our Communities Green

Recycling waste helps to keep our communities green and this includes recycling dumpster waste.  This helps to keep our landfills free of things that can be recycled.  At KC Dumpster we are huge proponents of recycling and we work closely with waste management organizations to do what we can for the environment.  For more information on recycling and what you can do to help check out our blog on Eco-Friendly Waste Management.   

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Final Tips on Renting Your 30-Yard Dumpster

Before we deliver your 30-yard dumpster, here are a few final tips.

  • Clear the space where your dumpster will sit for the next 7 to 10 days, which is the average length of time on a project site. 
  • Make sure that there is plenty of space around your dumpster for easy access and ease of use.
  • Choose a space that is either on concrete or gravel and away from trees and shrubs if possible, to deter vermin.
  • Cover your dumpster when it is not in use to keep anything out that you don’t want inside.  This includes random people using your dumpster as their waste receptacle, vermin, and elements of weather like rain and snow.   

In Closing

Here at KC Dumpster Company, we are committed to excellence and quality customer service.  We hope you found this article helpful in your quest for renting the right size of dumpster for your next large project. So, whether you’re in need of a 30-yard dumpster or a 20-yard dumpster, we look forward to providing you the best service around!  For more information on our company visit our website or give us a call at 816-491-4811.