Taking the time to get rid of clutter can be a very rewarding experience. It helps to free up space that is being held hostage by unneeded items and can even have a number of psychological benefits. Although we don’t have services like ‘Man and Van‘ in the midwest or maybe the resources to hire a similar outfit,  we do have the grit to take on projects ourselves. Those that have taken action to declutter their homes report that their space is easier to keep clean and more open.  Not to mention, they experience less stress while in their home. Using a dumpster service to help declutter can also help make the process more efficient.  Here are just a few ways to declutter your home and make it a place you can enjoy.

Starting In The Bedroom

While most people spend the majority of their time sleeping in their bedroom, it is also a very personal space. It is where you lay down to rest and the first thing that you see when you wake up in the morning. Because of this, it can have a large impact on how you feel throughout the day. When looking to declutter a bedroom most people start with their closets. Just about everyone has a lot of clothes that they no longer wear, but for some reason, they just do not let them go. 

To decide what items to keep and to can get rid of think about how long it has been since it was last used. If the item has not been worn in the last month, that is a telltale sign that it can go. Another sign is if it doesn’t fit any longer. It can be tempting to hold onto something in case you gain or lose weight, but the reality is that it doesn’t provide any psychological benefit. Removing these items from a closet can be freeing and allow you to live in the here and now instead of what potentially may occur. 

removing bedroom clutter

Declutter Your Home Closets

Closets are notorious places for items that are not often used or needed to accumulate. Over time this can become stressful as you run out of room for storing the things that you actually need. To begin in this space many people find it best to remove every item and then only return the things that they use on a regular basis. If they haven’t used it in the last year, then it probably won’t provide any benefit in the future. Of course, there may be heirlooms or keepsakes that are worth saving, but chances are 25% or more of what has been sitting in storage can be gotten rid of.

Clearing the Kitchen of Clutter

This is another area where things may be stored that haven’t been used for a long time. People receive countless kitchen items as gifts through the years that they really don’t have any use for. They also often purchase replacements for items, yet keep the old ones just in case. By going

through all of the cabinets and drawers people find that they have more that they don’t need than what they do actually utilize. Clearing this space can improve the experience of cooking meals for the family a great deal.

declutter your home

Declutter Your Home Garage  

The garage is the catch all for most homes.  If you don’t need it it ends up in the garage.  If its in the way, it ends up in the garage.  Its that, out of sight and out of mind trick we play on ourselves. And, it can lead to junk piling up over the years. Of course, clearing the garage can be a big job, but using a dumpster service makes it a whole lot easier. Again, consider the last time you used or even thought of the item.  If you, cant remember, you probably don’t need it.  Once the junk is cleared away it provides the opportunity for a more organized and functional space. Most people report that they even feel less embarrassed about leaving the garage door open for more than a few seconds once it has been cleaned out.  The feeling of accomplishment you get when you declutter your home, especially a garage, is amazing! 

decluttering the garage

Decluttering the Backyard Shed

This is another area that most people tend to avoid due to how cluttered they become over the years. Just imagine being able to use this space and not worry about something falling when opening the door. This is also a great time to have a dumpster rental on hand as it is likely that the shed contains large items that you no longer need. In fact, there are probably things that do not even work anymore. Clearing this space will make it easier to use what is needed in a more efficient manner.

In summary, taking the time to declutter your home will likely take days if not weeks. It also will lead to the accumulation of garbage that can be difficult to dispose of. By having a dumpster on site you are far more likely to tackle the clean up.  Its a great feeling knowing that everything will be hauled off once you are done.