Dump Trailer vs. Dumpster: What’s Better for Your Business?



If you are a business, there is always one lingering question you must ask and get an answer to: how can I increase my revenue?

Removing waste can be costly if you are currently in the roofing industry or any construction industry segment. Disposing of waste can be done using many different strategies, yet two of them, choosing between dump trailers and dumpsters, are often the top choices. So which one is the best choice? It depends on the type of business you are in and the types of projects that you do regularly. So let’s look a little deeper into this topic.


Commercial Dump Trailer vs Dumpster 

How Do Dump Trailers Work?

If you decide to use a dump trailer, this trailer will have very high sides, essentially a container with wheels, that you can use to get rid of the trash. They are mobile, which is why many people prefer them, and they are sometimes referred to as rubber-wheeled dumpsters. Although the name is representative of a rolling dumpster, it is not a traditional roll-off dumpster simply because of the way it is used and the amount of waste material that can be conveyed from one location to the next.

Dump Trailer Types

From gates to frames, as well as everything else in between, a wide variety of dump trailers are available. Frame types tend to be the most common, including I-beam, channel, and tubular. All of these will have both negative and positive aspects, but you want to consider how strong they are and how much they will cost. 


dump trailer vs dumpster rental


Channel Frame

In most cases, this is one of the weaker choices, yet it is also the most affordable of the three, typically used for smaller jobs.

Channel frames look like they have a missing side and are traditionally constructed in a rectangular format. However, you will still have proper support, usually constructed with bolts.


I-beam trailer

This is your best choice because it is a more extended trailer, yet it is still a middle choice for many reasons. It is relatively affordable and provides adequate support and strength, provided by I-beams that will be positioned lengthwise adjacent to the trailer wheels.


Tubular frame

This is the one you will want if you are moving heavy materials because of its strength, yet it will cost the most money. Tubular frames look very similar to a channel frame; nonetheless, they are all closed-end. They are used for medium-length rented dump trailers.


kc dumpster company blue



Roll-off Dumpster Rental Options

If you decide you know the route of renting a roll-off dumpster, this is a little easier to understand. There are only a couple of things to consider:

The size: Many of these can be as large as 40 yd., whereas the smaller ones are 10 yd. in size.

Weight: the weight limit is typically very generous.

Special use: You can use these for hauling junk, such as construction debris, but you can also use them for yard waste, dirt, and of course, any roofing debris you may produce at your jobs.


Dump Trailer Vs Dumpster Rental

Now that you know these options let’s convey them together. But first, let’s examine the two options from three perspectives: convenience, price, and hauling away capacity.

1. Comparing Prices

You may end up paying as much as $150 per day using a dump trailer, or you can purchase one, but this might cost up to $15,000, depending upon the capacity and size.

If you decide to rent one, you usually have a maximum of about ten days, and rentals often begin at 20 yards for each dumpster. So the price for renting one could be just over $645.

If you want to consider renting a dump trailer simultaneously, it would be $1500 instead.

2. The Practicality Aspect

You know an instrument is only as good as how you use it. Knowing how to use equipment is also true when deciding between dumpster trailers and dumpsters.

There will always be disadvantages and advantages to each choice; some of those factors may include mobility and how much time you save.

Dumpster Pros

  • You will not have to take the trash away personally.
  • Everything is done for you.
  • It is placed at ground level, so it will be effortless to grow.
  • No maintenance is required.

Dumpster Cons

  • After it is in place, it isn’t easy to move it.
  • Most of these are equipped with steel wheels, making it hard to move around.
  • You are always going to be limited to what is available.
  • You can only use one dumpster at one job site.

Dump Trailer Pros

  • These are much better because of the rubber wheels.
  • You can move these just about anywhere.
  • These are going to be available at all times if you purchase one.
  • If you are doing multiple small jobs and various locations, you can handle all of this with ease.

Dump Trailer Cons

  • You may need a specific CDL license to use a dump trailer, which can command several thousand dollars, depending on the one.
  • You will inevitably take more trips to the dump.
  • You cannot dispose of certain types of waste at a dump.
  • Dump company hours can vary, forcing you to change your schedule.
  • You will be responsible for any objects that may fall out while in transit.
  • You are likely going to need ramps, especially for heavy items.

Dumpsters will always represent the most convenient option. Dumpsters are convenient primarily because there is less to take care of. Unfortunately, using a rented dump trailer does not come with this option. However, if you spend money on your own dumpster trailer, you need to become adept at using it and attaching it to trucks yourself.

White noted that a dump trailer might be your best and most convenient option. However, it is best suited for smaller projects in most cases.

In the end, you need to think about your business directly. Convenient ways of removing waste might require you to take advantage of an affordable dumpster rental instead of purchasing one outright. Using a trailer might be the best idea if you are not opposed to additional work.

3. Carrying Comparative

The weight restriction determines the hauling capacity and is one way of evaluating these items. Weight limits will be based on several factors, including the types of sidewalls you are using, so keep all of this in mind before making your decision.

The breakdown of the information below* will give you more details on whether or not you should use a rented dump trailer for a dumpster.


old trailer for debris hauling


Related Projects 

Tearing Off a Roof

 Conducting a roof removal (6,000 pounds or less)

 Dumpster: One 20-yard roll-off dumpster

 Dump Trailer: One or more rented dump trailer


Clearing a House

Removing contents from a home. (8,500 pounds or less)

Dumpster: One 30-yard roll-off dumpster

Dump Trailer: Two rented dump trailers


Tearing Down a Garage

Demolition of an External Two Car Garage (Upwards of 12,000 pounds)

Dumpster: One 40-yard roll-off dumpster

Dump Trailer: Two or more rented dump trailers


* Exact weight limits will often refer to the dump trailer with the payload. You can use these charts to see that having a payload under 7400 pounds is the ideal weight. However, it does depend on what type of jobs you are working as to whether or not using a 7 x 12 tandem axle dumpster would be the best choice for you.


According to the Debris

Each project you do can differ significantly from the others you may have recently completed. For example, a dump trailer could benefit some people, whereas a roll-off dumpster rental might be the best decision. Regardless of your decision, you need to ensure that your choice will enhance your business.

You need a roll-off dumpster for you and your business. You can look at the different sizes available to rent a receptacle that you can use. There’s our debate of Dump Trailers vs Dumpster Rentals. What are your thoughts?