Whether you are taking on a home renovation, a big commercial construction project, or your regular trash collection service is just not able to discard the items you’re wanting to throw away, you might be trying to decide between dumpster bags or renting a dumpster. In the article below, KC Dumpster has compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks to both dumpster bags and dumpster rentals to assist you in deciding which is the best trash removal option. 

Dumpster Bags vs Rental Dumpsters – What is the Distinction? 

Dumpster bags and rental dumpsters can both be used to throw away various types of garbage and debris. Dumpster bags can be acquired at hardware stores or online, whereas dumpsters can be rented from a company like KC Dumpster. 

Considerations When Picking Either a Roll Off Dumpster or a Debris Bag

Ideally, choosing between a dumpster and a dumpster bag would be easy and simple. However, there is more than one element to take into consideration when you go to make a decision. Other considerations, like pricing, how much space you have, how long your project will take, and the amount of weight you plan to haul away, will assist you in determining which disposal method is right for you.

1. Examine the Prices

A budget is most likely established for each project. Therefore, when deciding on a garbage removal method, price is key to the decision-making process. 

The average cost of using a debris bag in the United States for cleaning out your basement ranges between $240 and $780.

The average cost of renting a ten yard dumpster in the United States ranges between $244 and $531.

Each option has a distinct way of setting up their cost configuration, so doing some preliminary research can assist you in making a financially sound decision.

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Cost of a Dumpster Bag

Here’s how to figure out how much a disposable trash bag will cost you:

Total Cost = Purchase Amount + Pickup Amount + Kansas City Taxes and Fees

The average pickup cost for a dumpster bag that holds 3 cubic yards of debris ranges between $100 and $180, according to Home Advisor. The purchase amount is $30.00, making the median dumpster bag cost $130 – $210.

In some cases, if you order more than two dumpster bags, you will receive a pickup discount. However, this is only if the two bags are gathered at the same location and time as the first purchased bag. Additionally, you have to consider the cost of the debris bag. Also, keep in mind that these average numbers are contingent on Kansas City taxes and fees. These taxes and fees are usually added to the price at the time of the scheduled pickup. Location has a significant impact on dumpster bags and their prices. 

Cost of a Dumpster Rental

Now, let’s look at the cost of a dumpster rental. We offer detailed and thorough pricing, which accounts for everything up front, specific to the size of dumpster you are looking for. 

Total Cost = Rental Price

We charge an average of $475 for one of our rentals, depending on the container size. The price displayed on our dumpster rentals page is the amount you will be charged. 

2. Investigate the Process of Dumpster Bags vs. Dumpster Rentals

Differentiating the various processes for obtaining dumpster bags or renting a dumpster at your project site, packing it, and having it transported away may influence your decision.

Obtaining a Debris Bag

There are numerous elements to consider when purchasing a dumpster bag. Before purchasing a disposable dumpster bag, you should conduct extensive research. While dumpster bags can be found at nearly any big hardware store and can be delivered to your door via online stores,  there is a chance the bags can not be picked up by your local garbage pick-up company. Here’s what you should do:

  • Learn about the dumpster bag types and brands that are in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.
  • Check to see if the bag’s manufacturer offers pickup service in Kansas City.
  • Determine how many waste removal bags you’ll require once you’ve confirmed that pick-up and disposal services are offered in your area.
  • Purchase the dumpster bags from a hardware store.
  • Place the bags no more than 16 feet from the road.
  • Pack the bags and contact the manufacturer to figure out when the bags can be picked up.
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The Dumpster Rental Procedure

Wondering about the process of renting a dumpster? This is how the process works:

  • Explain your project so that KC Dumpster can estimate how much and what kind of debris you’ll need to dispose of.
  • Based on this information, we’ll make a knowledgeable recommendation for the size of dumpster you will need and go over the key details like how long the rental period is and what items are prohibited.
  • Then, let us know the specific drop off instructions so that we can place the bin exactly where it needs to go, and let us know the time it needs to be delivered.
  • When you’ve finished filling the dumpster, let us know and we’ll come collect the dumpster and all the debris.

As one can see, a dumpster rental is a straight-forward process with delivery and pickup dates that are easy to understand and reliable as well as more structured.

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3. Examine Your Space

You may be thinking that a dumpster bag won’t take up as much space at first, but you’ll need to double check how many bags are needed for your project. The walls of a dumpster are taller and can hold more trash in a compact space.

4. Think about where you’re going to put the bags or the container

For collection, debris bags have to be put less than 16 feet from the curb. Furthermore, dumpster bags are not permitted to be positioned on the road, so if you do not have a space with grass between the sidewalk and the street, you must keep things away from your driveway until the bag is picked up.

On the other hand, dumpster rentals can be parked on your street in a lot areas if a permit is obtained first. Rental dumpsters can also be parked in driveways, yards, etc. Throughout the process of renting a dumpster, precise placement directions will be followed to ensure that the rental is delivered exactly where it is supposed to be in order to make hauling trash out to the bin as easy as possible. However, once the dumpster is parked, it cannot move unless a KC Dumpster comes back to your property to move it, adding an extra charge to the final cost. 

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5. Consider Your Timeline

How long will it take to finish your project? If you are organizing and cleaning the basement out over a three-week period, keep in mind that one can usually rent a dumpster for just 7-10 days. Extending the time you need the dumpster may result in spending more money. This is something you wouldn’t have to think about if you use a bag or another waste removal option.

Having said that, if your project will be finished in the 7-10 day timeframe, you will save time on the road. Using dumpster bags can rapidly consume hours of productive time that could be put to better use.

6. Consider What You’re Throwing Away

Dumpster bags can withstand quite a bit of material before breaking, ripping, or falling apart. With that being said, dumpster bags are not perfect for disposing of furniture and other large items. In addition, appliances, electronics, and occasionally lawn waste are not allowed in debris bags. Furthermore, if you’re throwing heavy objects and materials like concrete or brick, dumpster bags hold a certain amount of material, so you may waste more than half of your dumpster bag’s size with just a few things.

Rental dumpsters can handle a variety of waste, and the taller walls make dumpster rentals ideal for bigger items. Furthermore, dumpsters are stronger by nature, so you do not have to worry about sharp pieces of trash and garbage tearing the dumpster and causing a disaster.

So, which disposal method Is appropriate for your project?

Which method is the best fit for your project? This decision depends on what kind of project you are taking on. A waste removal bag is a good option if you’re taking on a smaller project, such as decluttering a room. A dumpster may be the best option for commercial projects, bigger home renovations, or involving materials that are not accepted for regular garbage pick-up. We hope the above article gives more insight into dumpster bags vs dumpster rentals. For more information on the best dumpster rentals in Kansas City, visit our website or contact us today!