Even though most individuals replace or dispose of mattresses only once every 8-11 years, on average, they are a high-volume industry. According to the Mattress Recycling Council, around 15 to 20 million mattresses are discarded each year in the United States. The average mattress occupies 40 cubic feet, implying that a year’s worth of discarded mattresses will take up more than 132,000 square kilometers of landfill area. Therefore, mattress owners in the United States are encouraged to dispose of their old mattresses using alternate methods to reduce trash and conserve landfill space. In this post, KC Dumpster is here to go over various mattress disposal methods, such as how to donate, recycle, and reuse old or used mattresses.

Recycling, Reusing, and More 

Recycling Old Mattresses

Approximately 80% – 90% of the parts that make up a mattress are recyclable or can be reused to produce new items. To recycle an old mattress, find a recycling facility that will accept them. A quick way to locate a recycling center is to do an Internet search of mattress recycling near me.  This will almost certainly turn up centers within an acceptable driving distance.

Most of the time, there is a fee to recycle your old mattress. If you arrange for someone to pick-up the mattress at your house, expect to pay $20 – $40 per mattress or box springs.  If you take your mattress to a mattress recycling facility, you will spend between $10 – $20 for each mattress or box springs. The requirements for accepted mattress contributions will differ depending on the facility. Most recycling facilities will not accept a damp, discolored mattress or one that has a bed bug infestation. Broken or damaged mattresses, on the other hand, may typically be given. A few locations that accept mattresses for recycling in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area include:

Components that you can recycle from an old mattress include foam, springs, upholstery, wood pieces, and box springs. For information on the different ways to reuse mattress parts, see the section below on reusing old mattresses.

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Donating Old Mattresses

Used mattresses in reasonable condition might be beneficial to someone in need. If yours is free of rips, significant stains, mildew, bed bugs, burns, or other damage, many charitable groups and charities would appreciate your donation. Most have accessible, nearby drop-off sites or offer pick-up services.

KC Dumpster recommends the following organizations:

  • Sleepy Head Beds: This charity accepts gently used, donated mattresses, among other goods, and distributes them to needy families in the Kansas City region.
  • Salvation Army: This national charity has a vast network of local locations that collect mattress donations. Most will organize a free pickup or accept drop-offs.
  • Goodwill: Goodwill runs over 3,000 thrift stores across the United States, the majority of which include a donation facility. Some facilities no longer accept mattress and box spring donations, so contact them before you intend to donate.
  • Habitat for Humanity: A global organization with thousands of community shops, Habitat for Humanity accepts mattress donations at the majority of its sites. Some facilities also provide free pickup.
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Reusing Old Mattresses

Next, let’s look at various methods for dismantling old mattresses and reusing key components for other purposes.

  • A typical mattress includes 25 lbs of steel, the majority of the steel is the springs. The steel may be melted (smelting) and used to make a wide variety of products. You can remove the mattress springs and steel parts, and take them to a scrap yard to sell. You can search online to find scrap yards and metal recycling centers in your town. The payout for metal scrap varies depending on area but you can expect to get between $0.05 up to $2.00 per pound of scrap metal.
  • You can shred mattress polyurethane foam and reuse it for carpets, seat cushions, bedding for pets, pillow, and other forms of padding around the house. You can reuse latex and memory foam in the same way.
  • Most mattress manufacturers use a combination of non-natural fibers such as rayon and polyester,  and natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk to make mattresses. The majority of natural and synthetic fibers present in mattresses may be recycled. For example, mattress fibers, like foam, may be recycled to produce cushioning or insulation.
  • Once the mattress is disassembled, you can use the wooden components for a variety of purposes. For example, you can shred the wood or put it through a chipper and use it in your garden as well as using it for mulch in flower beds.  In addition, you can use it for firewood.
  • You can use other metal components, screws, and nails, that are in good shape from the mattress for a variety of DIY or home projects.
  • The braiding, buttons, and other ornamental parts from the mattress are great for DIY home décor and sewing projects.

Please take caution when you dismantle a mattress: innersprings have sharp components that might cause serious harm. Check out YouTube for some  great tutorials on disassembling a mattress.

Creative Solutions for Mattress Disposal

Finally, let’s talk about some interesting and creative  methods to reuse an old mattress.

  • You can use mattress springs in a variety of craft or art projects. Consider creating decorative candle holders, wall sconces, picture frames, and garden trellises.
  • Mattress springs are also great for making metal framed wreaths as well as for ornaments, if you like holiday decorating.
  • You can transform the memory foam from an old mattress into a comfortable bed for your furry best friends.
  • Plush household goods such as bean bags, chairs, seat cushions, decorative pillows, and filling for stuffed animals are other applications for outdated memory foam padding.
  • The fabric from an old mattress is excellent for producing throwaway carpets for your garage, utility room, and shed.
  • You can find some unique projects on Pinterest to reuse materials from old mattresses.
  • Also, you can tap into your artistic side and create a painting, using the material as a canvas, as well as other unique art projects out of an old mattress. 
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In Conclusion

When it comes to the disposing of trash and debris, oftentimes you can just call in KC Dumpster to haul away the garbage for you. However, mattress disposal is unique. KC Dumpster, where you can find the best Lee’s Summit dumpster rentals, is here to help you find the best place to recycle and donate mattresses, along with ideas for reusing old mattresses as well. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking for a haul-away dumpster or more tips on recycling!