Purchasing new tires is part of owning a car, and in the process of purchasing new tires, you might be wondering how to get rid of the old ones. KC Dumpster is here to help. Tire disposal can be challenging, and most waste disposal companies will not take old tires. In this article, we will go over ways to dispose of and reuse old tires. Before you purchase new tires for your vehicle, we suggest you plan how you will dispose of the old tires through reuse or recycling. 

What is the correct way to dispose of tires?

Tires are made of non-biodegradable, combustible materials, making landfill disposal hazardous to the environment, unlike other household garbage.  Many landfills and local dumps do not take used tires because they are difficult to decompose and can cause significant environmental damage. That is why you cannot dispose of tires in a dumpster. 

When you purchase new tires, most car dealerships will recycle your old tires for a charge by delivering them to an EPA-certified recycler. Having the dealership dispose of your old tires is the simplest approach to ensure that your old tires are recycled because you won’t have to worry about properly disposing of the old tires.

What do you do with old tires?

Like many other items, tires require particular care when it comes to their disposal.  The reason is that tires are made of synthetic and non-synthetic rubber, wires, and cloth, none of which can degrade independently. Tire stacks can accumulate in landfills over time, consuming space and resources. When old tires are burnt, the components in them emit hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Recycling old tires is the most environmentally friendly method to dispose of your tires. Tires may be used as building materials or as upcycled household goods. If you don’t have space for worn tires, recycling companies can break them down for other uses.

tips for tire disposal

What are some inventive uses for my old tires?

You don’t have to discard old tires.  Reusing used tires is a great way to beautify your home, make something new, and save the environment!  Some of the most popular uses for used tires are as follows:

  • Use old tires as a swing, hang it from a tree
  • Create a circular planter for your garden
  • Making a table by stacking them
  • Use of them as exercise equipment
  • Make rubber flip flops at home
  • Build a retaining wall in your backyard

Important Note: If you decide to reuse your old tires, be sure to first clean the tires with soapy water, then set them aside to dry.  If used as a planter, we recommend sticking to non-edible plants because plants can absorb toxins from the tire.

using old tires for garden

Where Can I Get Rid of Old Tires?

Over half of the United States prohibits the disposal of tires in a landfill. They take up a lot of room, are difficult to break down, and contain harmful components to the environment. In addition, the tires may trap methane gas, which can harm landfill liners designed to keep the region from contaminating nearby water supplies.

When you acquire new tires from an auto service business, they will usually recycle your old ones for you. Another option is to check with a recycling center near you to see if they take tires. In certain places, people may even drop off their tires at no charge. For additional information, contact your local solid waste management organization.

how to reuse and recycle old tires

Here are some of the best methods to dispose of old tires:

  • Take the tires to a recycling center, either general or specialist.
  • Leave your tires in the hands of a merchant.
  • Drop off your tires at a tire shop for a charge.
  • Participate in a community collecting event for hard-to-recycle items.
  • Make a call to a rubbish removal service.

What Becomes of Old Tires?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans replace approximately 290 million tires each year, and of those, about 233 million of them are recycled. 

As of today, there are over 110 items made from waste tires. When tires are recycled, businesses can use them in various applications, including alternative fuel, athletic fields, construction materials, decks, mulch, playgrounds, railroad ties, and sound barriers, to mention a few.

To recycle an old tire, the tire must first be disassembled. Each of the rubber, steel, wires, and cloth are removed. They are then reused or go through their own recycling process.

Recycled rubber is used to make construction materials, playground equipment, and sporting tracks, among other things. The remainder of the waste components is utilized as fuel additives in various cement and pulp industries.

reusing old tires for athletic fields

Consider Your Options Before Disposing of Old Tires

If you are unsure of what you should do with your old tires, research the various options in your area for disposal or recycling. When you are ready to get rid of your used tires, whether you find a local recycling company to take them off your hands or use them to create something creative at home, we must all be responsible and recycle when possible.

At KC Dumpster Company, we encourage proper tire disposal and recycling as often as possible.  Our mission is to ensure appropriate and clean waste disposal for our customers and provide the best service possible.  If you are ready to start your next project or have questions regarding what can and cannot go in a dumpster rental, get in touch with KC Dumpster.  Our friendly staff is here to help with all your waste disposal needs.